Our Friends at Shop Jimmy wrote a good article on LCD technologies

Our Friends at Shop Jimmy wrote a good article on LCD technologies

I thought I would share with you all ,for Even I, Craig the TV Dude, actually learn from it 😀


You Tried to Buy a DLP Lamp From Where ? The Light Depot !!

You Tried to Buy a DLP Lamp From Where ? The Light Depot !!

I have actually had customers bring their DLP lamps to me in their bare hands.

After they had told me they had travelled to various Home Improvement and Lighting Companies.

Dlp and LCD lamps have Mercury content. They should only be handle with gloves and even then, very carefully. There are a lot of do it yourself websites and self help money saving blow-hearts that offer quick fix, easy solutions ( for a price ! ) and they will never divulge the whole truth.

The truth is, once your lamp blows, it is a toxic element, that should be handled and disposed by qualified technicians. This is such a key element of our business, that we will insist on having the failed core back to complete the sale. No core, no new lamp. That’s our policy.

In addition, LCD and DLP projection systems using these lamps, MUST be cleaned when lamps replaced.  Most manufactures suggest this effort and as a business and service supplier, I can only suggest what is needed.  But if you find yourself in need of lamp replacement, please consider the previous points made.

#1  Wear Gloves when Handling the Lamp !  Both removing and installing. Do not touch glass with hand. Oils, dirt, contaminants will ruin the high powered ,high heat optics

#2 Test the market for qualified servicers and see how and what they think about these details. If they don’t know, don’t hire !

#3 Negotiate with servicer/part supplier to also clean/vacuum chassis to keep fans from blocking , thus eliminating heat build up and optical block/light engine failure ( these failures are catastrophic ).

#4 What type of warranty covers the new lamp?  There are guys selling lamps that they removed from broken units and may have 10k hours on them. Yes they wil work initially but for how long ? Standard warranty should be at least 90 days. We have 6-12 month warranty, depending on program chosen.

For more info or questions, feel free to link to our,  ” So What’s Your Problem page and leave a comment and we will provide additional info if possible.

Remember…….Now That You Know….You Cannot ,Not Know (-:<<

We are still getting calls from folks who buy lamps online and failure within 60 days. Beware of Where and who you buy lamps from.You should have local support !!

Thanks for the feedback!

Beware of Purchasing Close Outs at Circuit City

Beware of Purchasing Close Outs at Circuit City

MIAMISBURG — Dana and Patricia Finch said they didn’t expect to find any deals when they visited the Circuit City at 2700 Miamisburg-Centerville Road on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Despite their pessimism, the Waynesville couple made the 20-minute trip to the store, which is being liquidated. Store personnel said the location is to close on or by Monday, Feb. 16.

Unfortunately, the selection of merchandise in the store did not prove them wrong.

“I think they just have floor models left. That’s all they seem to have,” Patricia Finch said after leaving.

“They don’t have anything in a box or anything,” Dana Finch said.

There’s no instructions,” Patricia Finch said. “Most of the stuff doesn’t have any remote controls to it, so you are buying at your own risk.”

What could be found there Tuesday afternoon included large flat screen TVs — one of the cheapest marked down to $1,329.89 from $1,899.99; High definition DVD players; a mini digital camera for $90.97 (but no accessories); a vacuum cleaner for $249.99; a printer for a computer at $41.99 and a dashboard-mount global positioning system for $139.99.

Joyce Beard of Trotwood said she came in search of computers, but found none.

“They are pretty much sold out of what I came for,” Patti Smith of Indiana said about her search for a laptop. “If you go in there and look it’s pretty empty.”

“I can buy almost the same TV at Wal-Mart for less,” said Mary Shotwell, 23, of Franklin. “We got a 42-inch for $700 and they got them in here for over a $1,000.”

Frank Clapsaddle of Franklin said he came in to find a good deal on a big screen television, but didn’t find what he was looking for. “The markdowns are pretty much priced at what other retailers are or a little higher, truthfully,” he said.

Donyale Harris, 41, of West Carrollton and her son Malik Mayo left empty-handed because she thought the televisions were “priced too high.”

When asked if he had found any deals, Arwa Sheewi of Centerville said, “No. not really… I just came to look around and found this stereo.” He was able to get a stereo system for $70, marked down from $130.

Finch had a word of warning for Circuit City shoppers looking for those last minute deals: “You better know what you are buying or else it’s going to be just junk to you.”

A Dayton Daily News reporter placed a phone call to the +!@#$creek store, 2720 Towne Drive, on Tuesday, and was greeted by a recording that announced, “We are currently closed.”

Consumers will also most likely get recorded prompts instead of a person, when calling Circuit City’s hotline, 1-800-the-city.

Contact this reporter at (937) 225-2414 or kwynn@DaytonDailyNews.com.


Prepare Now for Spring Storm Season and Protect Your Electronics

Spring is coming ! Protect Your Electronics

Prepare Now for Spring Storm Season

I am always amazed to go into folks homes and find that they have 20 freakin’ vcrs,dvds, bigscreens and lamps all running into one outlet with various extension cords and outlet tripplers.

Most Radio Shacks and Best Buy store offer ” Insured” surge protectors. Not simple power strips, but guaranteed protection systems. You should not have to pay more than 30-40 bucks, but it is a reasonable investment for Bigscreens,TVs, surround sound, video games and computers that you may have paid 1500.00 or more for and enjoy everyday.

Trust me. Not only lightning damage, but when homes loose power, there is a surge when power is supplied back and this is a common point of failure because the surge is beyond what is recommended as a power source for your tv. Always unplug your electronics after power outages. They have standby power circuits that are always active the second you plug them in. That’s why remote controls work. They send a signal to an active circuit !!

The protectors you seek should have written on the front of the package, an insurance policy of at least 10K dollars and some go as high as 100K……Yes, your house could burn down by plugging and tripple plugging electronics into “ONE” outlet

Just more pertinent info from your alumni Craig……Peace…..and stop pluggin all that stuff into one outlet…Thats a Bad Thing to Do !!

If you have problems finding help in your area, feel free to contact me at Classtorations.com and I will get you hooked up


Cleveland Company Garnered 19 Grammy Nominations

Cleveland Company Garnered 19 Grammy Nominations

I love music and Cleveland and the whole world should know what we are producing here on the North Coast. Check out telarc.

Cable and Satellite companies are not hooking up HD

Cable and Satellite companies are not hooking up HD

We are repairing more and more, traditional CRT,LCD,Plasma and DLP big screens from 1998 to 2005. Once the repair is done, we notice that state off the art 3000.00 projection HD units are hooked up with the screw on RF connectors.

If your TV or Bigscreen has the Red, Green and Blue connectors next to the Red, White and Yellow connectors, then you are HD ready.

For more info, either email me here or call in Cleveland Ohio 216-224-7068.

Another Great Source for Bigscreen Info

Another Great Source for Bigscreen Info


CES Update

CES Update

I really have enjoyed reading info for this site. A lot of info on the state of display technology and what to look for from the retailers soon: Flatpanelshd.com

Just Two of My Favorite Cleveland Sites

Just Two of My Favorite Cleveland Sites

Our local PBS stations share some really great info on Arts and Entertainment via the Applause Program

WVIZ/PBS ideastream® | Applause

Clevescene by Kim Fox