“Thank you, thank you very much.”

My 60″ Phillips was dark and blurry. In less than an hour Cleveland Classics cleaned my blue & green CRT fluid, cleaned the mirror and lenses and I’ve never seen it look better.

Total cost: $290.

— Rick, Aurora

I told my sister she could have my 10 year-old 46″ Toshiba because I didn’t think it had a future. Cleveland Classics came to my home, replaced two ICs and cleaned the mirror and now I think I’ll keep it.

—Denise, Eastlake

Cleveland Classics restored my 60″ RCA on-site—and AFTER 6PM. They had the parts and repaired it on the spot. My party goes on! Total cost: $325.00.

—John, University Circle

Without various issues being resolved with hi-def such as lack of programming and diminishing support, I felt my 48″ Sony still had value.

For under $400 Cleveland Classics restored my Sony and quoted my brother even less to repair his 60″ Pioneer. They even helped me reconfigure my home theater for better surround sound.

— Anonymous