From Downsize to Angie’s List !!

From Downsize to Angie’s List !!

I came to Cleveland from Dayton Ohio in May 2004. I struggled to get work, but finally
got, I thought the job of a lifetime with HH Gregg as the head shop tech. I supported 10
inhome techs and the management with the toughest of problem solving solutions. After one
year on the job, HH Gregg, decided to close down service company wide and out source to

Lucky me, I get hired on at Best Buy’s facility in Glen Willow with over 200 employees.
Jack Pot !! I thought. I was only there 3 months before they started talking downsizing.
What ? The new plasmas and LCD and DLP are failing within 18 months to 3 years and you
are cutting techs ? I got laid off 4 months later )-:

After 25 years of repairing bigscreens for consumers and commercial accounts. I decided
to start Cleveland Classic TV !!
Cashed in my 401k and 4 weeks severence = 5200.00……Ouch !!

I started with ads on the backpage of Scene magazine. I then bartered a HD bigscreen to my
ol’ friend web guy Bri for a website build using WordPress. It was and still is an
awesome design with much traffic.

It was shortly after that, I bought a mac mini and discovered social networking and free
online classifieds. I started posting on Craig’s List,Merchant Circle and many more FREE
online classifieds. It took me about a year to realize that you do not leave an email
address, phone number or anything…….but a link to your website !! I posted ads and
drove them to my website !!

We are now tops in SEO when googling,binging,ect for tv or bigscreen repair in Cleveland
Ohio, We are actually getting hits globally. We went from 25 hits a month to over 500. We
are local and most hits are in NEO

One of the most wonderful things to develop lately is our new storefront on 9854 Lorain
Ave and is my Dr Jeckyl/Mr Hyde A Storefront !! For we specialize in repairing large tvs and bigscreens inhome.
Now we have a brick and morter where we buy and sell refurbished bigscreens and take flat
screens in for repair. We have a home now. Yes !! All mentioned before was run out of my
apt,van and storage.

To finish I would like to thanks all of those who have supported the business internally
and customers. We are member BBB, NESDA and Just Recently awarded the Super Service Award
of the year 2010 from Angie’s List !! Thank you So Much Cleveland 😀

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