5 Reasons Why A DLP HDTV Should Be In Your Future

5 Reasons Why A DLP HDTV Should Be In Your Future

Television technology has been essentially static for several decades until just recently. The old CRT tube TVs reigned supreme for years simply because the broadcasting technology could not allow for anything better to come along. But HDTV has changed the whole TV viewing horizon, and there is no better time to make the switch from analog to HDTV. Here are five reasons why a HDTV DLP should be in your future soon:

  1. The FCC has passed a law that requires all TV stations to broadcast in digital format by the end of 2006, and that means that almost all broadcasting will be done in HDTV by sometime in 2007. After that, if you want to be able to receive over the air TV signals on your old analog TV set, you will need a digital to analog converter box to do that. So why not be ready for that change by getting the necessary equipment in place now as prices have fallen dramatically lately?
  2. HDTV not only means improved picture resolution, but it also makes use of the widescreen format that is more compatible with the way that movies are actually filmed, so you get to see the whole screen image instead of having some of it cut off by an incompatible screen ratio.
  3. HDTV also enhances the sound capabilities as it even supports Dolby 5.1 surround sound that is used by many movie theaters today. This makes true home theater sound easy to achieve.
  4. DLP TVs employ newer screen technology to be able to display much brighter, sharper, and color dense images than has ever been possible before. They run cool, use relatively little electricity, and can come in very large screen sizes if you wish.
  5. DLP TVs also are thin, making them a perfect choice for those with limited space. Because of their thin configuration they can be placed closer to the wall or even mounted right on it, allowing more viewing area in the room that would not have been possible with older bulky TVs.

All in all, HDTV and DLP TVs are a great choice for the ultimate in home television viewing. Don’t let this wave of the future in home entertainment pass you by!

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