Beware of Purchasing Close Outs at Circuit City

Beware of Purchasing Close Outs at Circuit City

MIAMISBURG — Dana and Patricia Finch said they didn’t expect to find any deals when they visited the Circuit City at 2700 Miamisburg-Centerville Road on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Despite their pessimism, the Waynesville couple made the 20-minute trip to the store, which is being liquidated. Store personnel said the location is to close on or by Monday, Feb. 16.

Unfortunately, the selection of merchandise in the store did not prove them wrong.

“I think they just have floor models left. That’s all they seem to have,” Patricia Finch said after leaving.

“They don’t have anything in a box or anything,” Dana Finch said.

There’s no instructions,” Patricia Finch said. “Most of the stuff doesn’t have any remote controls to it, so you are buying at your own risk.”

What could be found there Tuesday afternoon included large flat screen TVs — one of the cheapest marked down to $1,329.89 from $1,899.99; High definition DVD players; a mini digital camera for $90.97 (but no accessories); a vacuum cleaner for $249.99; a printer for a computer at $41.99 and a dashboard-mount global positioning system for $139.99.

Joyce Beard of Trotwood said she came in search of computers, but found none.

“They are pretty much sold out of what I came for,” Patti Smith of Indiana said about her search for a laptop. “If you go in there and look it’s pretty empty.”

“I can buy almost the same TV at Wal-Mart for less,” said Mary Shotwell, 23, of Franklin. “We got a 42-inch for $700 and they got them in here for over a $1,000.”

Frank Clapsaddle of Franklin said he came in to find a good deal on a big screen television, but didn’t find what he was looking for. “The markdowns are pretty much priced at what other retailers are or a little higher, truthfully,” he said.

Donyale Harris, 41, of West Carrollton and her son Malik Mayo left empty-handed because she thought the televisions were “priced too high.”

When asked if he had found any deals, Arwa Sheewi of Centerville said, “No. not really… I just came to look around and found this stereo.” He was able to get a stereo system for $70, marked down from $130.

Finch had a word of warning for Circuit City shoppers looking for those last minute deals: “You better know what you are buying or else it’s going to be just junk to you.”

A Dayton Daily News reporter placed a phone call to the +!@#$creek store, 2720 Towne Drive, on Tuesday, and was greeted by a recording that announced, “We are currently closed.”

Consumers will also most likely get recorded prompts instead of a person, when calling Circuit City’s hotline, 1-800-the-city.

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