Prepare Now for Spring Storm Season and Protect Your Electronics

Spring is coming ! Protect Your Electronics

Prepare Now for Spring Storm Season

I am always amazed to go into folks homes and find that they have 20 freakin’ vcrs,dvds, bigscreens and lamps all running into one outlet with various extension cords and outlet tripplers.

Most Radio Shacks and Best Buy store offer ” Insured” surge protectors. Not simple power strips, but guaranteed protection systems. You should not have to pay more than 30-40 bucks, but it is a reasonable investment for Bigscreens,TVs, surround sound, video games and computers that you may have paid 1500.00 or more for and enjoy everyday.

Trust me. Not only lightning damage, but when homes loose power, there is a surge when power is supplied back and this is a common point of failure because the surge is beyond what is recommended as a power source for your tv. Always unplug your electronics after power outages. They have standby power circuits that are always active the second you plug them in. That’s why remote controls work. They send a signal to an active circuit !!

The protectors you seek should have written on the front of the package, an insurance policy of at least 10K dollars and some go as high as 100K……Yes, your house could burn down by plugging and tripple plugging electronics into “ONE” outlet

Just more pertinent info from your alumni Craig……Peace…..and stop pluggin all that stuff into one outlet…Thats a Bad Thing to Do !!

If you have problems finding help in your area, feel free to contact me at and I will get you hooked up


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