You Tried to Buy a DLP Lamp From Where ? The Light Depot !!

You Tried to Buy a DLP Lamp From Where ? The Light Depot !!

I have actually had customers bring their DLP lamps to me in their bare hands.

After they had told me they had travelled to various Home Improvement and Lighting Companies.

Dlp and LCD lamps have Mercury content. They should only be handle with gloves and even then, very carefully. There are a lot of do it yourself websites and self help money saving blow-hearts that offer quick fix, easy solutions ( for a price ! ) and they will never divulge the whole truth.

The truth is, once your lamp blows, it is a toxic element, that should be handled and disposed by qualified technicians. This is such a key element of our business, that we will insist on having the failed core back to complete the sale. No core, no new lamp. That’s our policy.

In addition, LCD and DLP projection systems using these lamps, MUST be cleaned when lamps replaced.  Most manufactures suggest this effort and as a business and service supplier, I can only suggest what is needed.  But if you find yourself in need of lamp replacement, please consider the previous points made.

#1  Wear Gloves when Handling the Lamp !  Both removing and installing. Do not touch glass with hand. Oils, dirt, contaminants will ruin the high powered ,high heat optics

#2 Test the market for qualified servicers and see how and what they think about these details. If they don’t know, don’t hire !

#3 Negotiate with servicer/part supplier to also clean/vacuum chassis to keep fans from blocking , thus eliminating heat build up and optical block/light engine failure ( these failures are catastrophic ).

#4 What type of warranty covers the new lamp?  There are guys selling lamps that they removed from broken units and may have 10k hours on them. Yes they wil work initially but for how long ? Standard warranty should be at least 90 days. We have 6-12 month warranty, depending on program chosen.

For more info or questions, feel free to link to our,  ” So What’s Your Problem page and leave a comment and we will provide additional info if possible.

Remember…….Now That You Know….You Cannot ,Not Know (-:<<

We are still getting calls from folks who buy lamps online and failure within 60 days. Beware of Where and who you buy lamps from.You should have local support !!


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