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Cleveland Classic TV is Looking For Broken Bigscreens to Buy

Cleveland Classic TV is Looking for broken Bigscreens to Buy !! No older than 2007 and no broken screens on flat panels.

Must have year of made, Make and Model and Problem. Offering 25 to 50.00 and will pick up in Cleveland Metro Area. Looking for DLP and Flat Panels .

Honey ? When did cable switch to 3-D ?

Honey ? When did cable switch to 3-D ?

Why Does My TV Look Like a 3-D Movie ?

Originally posted Dec 2008, We still get so much feedback  on this, my Favorite Blog 😀

One of the most common problems and repair issues of traditional crt projection systems is the failure of Geometry Correction or Convergence. To converge is to bring things together. The purpose of this circuit is to align the Red, Green and Blue guns to uniformity.  This is achieved by 2 or 3 ICs that run so hot, you cannot hold your hand on them for long. They are hard working semiconductors prone to failure.

How do I determine if this is my problem ?

Common symptoms will be a separation of colors. You may be watching ESPN od CNN and notice the words at the bottom or Logos at the top, with a 3-D effect or separation of one of the 3 colors from the others. Or you may see a bowing on the sides or bottom/top or both and that is complete failure of both ICs or the supply to them.

Well what does this mean for my bigscreen ?

First off, it can be repaired economically. The repair should be done inhome ( no need for servicer to remove your tv from your home and 1 hour of labor to complete ). Cost should be about $200 plus service fee of $50-$100 ( depending on travel time).

Failure of this circuit is beginning to drive our business and some manufactures, whose units where manufactured between 1995 and 2005 are just beginning to fail for the first time. We have LCD and Plasmas inshop that are only 18 months old. Although there are great improvements and price reductions in these technologies. CRT/Projection systems have been manufactured since the early 1980s and the units produced between 1995 and 2005 are some of the most well designed and reliable and performance was King.

Where do I go from Here?

You will want to check search engines for you model number, manufacturer, Bigscreen repair in your town and negotiate for pricing, inhome service, scheduling, etc.

Cleveland Classic TV is commited to restoring and keeping cherished, invested bigscreens alive and well. We welcome questions and would love to support and guide our clients thru the maze of bigscreen and HD transitional information