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Hubby ?? Why is our LCD taking longer and longer to turn on ??

Hubby ?? Why is our LCD taking longer and longer to turn on ??

We have experienced a rash of Samsung, Philip/Magnavox, Polaroid, and Akia LCD televisions with power supply problems that cause the tvs to turn on slowly and eventuallyโ€”not all all.

We have seen the problem with Plasmas too. Recently I repaired a Philips with the Ambi-Light, a Toshiba and an LG…..all with swollen power caps. These caps are also problems on some of the old crt units too !! Don’t give up on the old school units. They were the best made ๐Ÿ˜€

There are charging capacitors which should be replaced by certified technicians and you should be looking at a repair bill of $150 plus service fees of $50-$100 depending on your location.

Yes! We can repair these problems in-home and on-site. Don’t go hauling that fragile screen into a car to save $20 bucks.Instead, give us a call at (216) 252-1672. We’ll be happy to help. And you can save your back ๐Ÿ˜€

Our Trip to the Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Associations ( CEDIA ) Yearly Conference in Indianapolis was the Bomb !!

Our Trip to the Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association in Indy was the Bomb ๐Ÿ˜€

I recently have developed a relationship with a friend who does Custom Installs of Smart Home Technologies and Corporate A/V. We met on the phone one day and his customer needed a big screen repair. That very same day, a high school buddy of mine need a video projector installed and cabling to the unit and we have been sharing customers and knowledge ever since.

I got my beginnings in audio,video,computers and communications with such technologies. Yes !! You all know me as the Bad Ass ,BBB, Angie’s List Superman Big Screen Repair Specialist for the Consumer. who does NOT have ,a so called .Ralph Nader Rep anymore. But Yep !! I am more than that and we are Evolving to other individuals of need !! Rest Assured !! I am Committed to our beginnings and the prime Person of interest ,when it comes to repairing TVs for the family home. I am Cleveland Classic TV Forever ๐Ÿ˜€

Now , Back to CEDIA, the Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association. CEDIA is a global institution committed to educating and training Professionals in the areas of best Practices and technologies for home theater, automation, lighting,control and surveillence/ security and total home sound systems. The conference in INDY was the first I had visited in years and it was a fun and informative event.

Now you know, repairing big screens, my first focus was Video displays and projectors. Hands down the Big Daddy on the block was the Light Cannons by Digital Projection systems. An old and good friend of mine , who is the Head of Design/Build for Systems Integration for the new Eaton Corp HQ, says some of these units will be installed for CEO Sandy Cutler. These are powerfull projection systems capable of 30,000 lumens and up. True Hollywood they are. I also liked on the more reasonable consumer side the Panasonic booth with a 103 inch Plasma, Sharp and the Pioneer incorporated Elite system for mondo sound re-enforcement. Sony and JVC also rang in with great displays and interactivity of the digital home convergence. I really liked Runco too. They and the parent company Planar are doing wonderous things with video display technologies, such as off board electronics that keep the LED panels cool and when failure does occur, and it will ,with all manufactures tvs, one can swap out the electronics without removing the display from the wall…..Brilliant !! American Made out of Beaverton Oregon. Oh Yeah !!

My main focus on this trip was to learn more about inhome installations and the latest technologies that are available and credible to offer my customer base. We started with audio and the ability to maximize surround sound in any given environment. Yamaha blew my sox off with various solutions for making you feel, the sound, was all around. Hands down, best Audio Still from Yamaha, There was another company that played RTF’s Romantic Warrior as my demo. How did they know ? One of the most complexed and Intricate performances to duplicate and they nailed the essence and the sound was true. Now if I was home, I would have turned the bass up more, but I’m sure the other vendors would have frowned, for it would leave one speachless. Romantic Warrior !!!

Lutron had some of the most innovative and creative solutions for lighting controls and energy savings ,hands down !!They had a battery operated ,remote controlled shading system that was way too sweet. This has to come to the masses. They also had some of the most beautiful architectural lighting fixtures for the home and office and they were too, also energy compliant to the new California standards of energy savings. Thumbs up to another great product that is American made out of PA ๐Ÿ˜€ Bravo Lutron !!

There was also a nice wall mount for plasmas,lcd and leds, that had a subwoofer in the back and sides and center speakers all in one. Yep A wall mount with a built in surround sound system !! Remind me to share the manufacture with you for, I will have to dig thru 2 bags of literature to find it now…..Ooops ๐Ÿ˜€

Lastly and one of the prime reasons for me and my friend, Mike Komlosy of, to go to this show, was to analyze and test control systems for all of the various medium. To be able to control any tv,sound,camera,lighting,ect from a remote control,touch pad,cellphone,ect is the key. The importance of critical factors such as wiring and and distance is most important.

We learned a bunch and am already implementing knowledge from the trip into jobs today.My Friend Mike and CEDIA has been a great awakening and learning for Cleveland Classic TV and our Client Base. Investing in Our Knowledge to Service you Better. Thank You Friends and as Bruce Drennen would Say ” I Love You Cleveland !”

From Downsize to Angie’s List !!

From Downsize to Angie’s List !!

I came to Cleveland from Dayton Ohio in May 2004. I struggled to get work, but finally
got, I thought the job of a lifetime with HH Gregg as the head shop tech. I supported 10
inhome techs and the management with the toughest of problem solving solutions. After one
year on the job, HH Gregg, decided to close down service company wide and out source to

Lucky me, I get hired on at Best Buy’s facility in Glen Willow with over 200 employees.
Jack Pot !! I thought. I was only there 3 months before they started talking downsizing.
What ? The new plasmas and LCD and DLP are failing within 18 months to 3 years and you
are cutting techs ? I got laid off 4 months later )-:

After 25 years of repairing bigscreens for consumers and commercial accounts. I decided
to start Cleveland Classic TV !!
Cashed in my 401k and 4 weeks severence = 5200.00……Ouch !!

I started with ads on the backpage of Scene magazine. I then bartered a HD bigscreen to my
ol’ friend web guy Bri for a website build using WordPress. It was and still is an
awesome design with much traffic.

It was shortly after that, I bought a mac mini and discovered social networking and free
online classifieds. I started posting on Craig’s List,Merchant Circle and many more FREE
online classifieds. It took me about a year to realize that you do not leave an email
address, phone number or anything…….but a link to your website !! I posted ads and
drove them to my website !!

We are now tops in SEO when googling,binging,ect for tv or bigscreen repair in Cleveland
Ohio, We are actually getting hits globally. We went from 25 hits a month to over 500. We
are local and most hits are in NEO

One of the most wonderful things to develop lately is our new storefront on 9854 Lorain
Ave and is my Dr Jeckyl/Mr Hyde A Storefront !! For we specialize in repairing large tvs and bigscreens inhome.
Now we have a brick and morter where we buy and sell refurbished bigscreens and take flat
screens in for repair. We have a home now. Yes !! All mentioned before was run out of my
apt,van and storage.

To finish I would like to thanks all of those who have supported the business internally
and customers. We are member BBB, NESDA and Just Recently awarded the Super Service Award
of the year 2010 from Angie’s List !! Thank you So Much Cleveland ๐Ÿ˜€

Our Friends at Shop Jimmy wrote a good article on LCD technologies

Our Friends at Shop Jimmy wrote a good article on LCD technologies

I thought I would share with you all ,for Even I, Craig the TV Dude, actually learn from it ๐Ÿ˜€

Beware of Purchasing Close Outs at Circuit City

Beware of Purchasing Close Outs at Circuit City

MIAMISBURG โ€” Dana and Patricia Finch said they didn’t expect to find any deals when they visited the Circuit City at 2700 Miamisburg-Centerville Road on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Despite their pessimism, the Waynesville couple made the 20-minute trip to the store, which is being liquidated. Store personnel said the location is to close on or by Monday, Feb. 16.

Unfortunately, the selection of merchandise in the store did not prove them wrong.

“I think they just have floor models left. That’s all they seem to have,” Patricia Finch said after leaving.

“They don’t have anything in a box or anything,” Dana Finch said.

There’s no instructions,” Patricia Finch said. “Most of the stuff doesn’t have any remote controls to it, so you are buying at your own risk.”

What could be found there Tuesday afternoon included large flat screen TVs โ€” one of the cheapest marked down to $1,329.89 from $1,899.99; High definition DVD players; a mini digital camera for $90.97 (but no accessories); a vacuum cleaner for $249.99; a printer for a computer at $41.99 and a dashboard-mount global positioning system for $139.99.

Joyce Beard of Trotwood said she came in search of computers, but found none.

“They are pretty much sold out of what I came for,” Patti Smith of Indiana said about her search for a laptop. “If you go in there and look it’s pretty empty.”

“I can buy almost the same TV at Wal-Mart for less,” said Mary Shotwell, 23, of Franklin. “We got a 42-inch for $700 and they got them in here for over a $1,000.”

Frank Clapsaddle of Franklin said he came in to find a good deal on a big screen television, but didn’t find what he was looking for. “The markdowns are pretty much priced at what other retailers are or a little higher, truthfully,” he said.

Donyale Harris, 41, of West Carrollton and her son Malik Mayo left empty-handed because she thought the televisions were “priced too high.”

When asked if he had found any deals, Arwa Sheewi of Centerville said, “No. not really… I just came to look around and found this stereo.” He was able to get a stereo system for $70, marked down from $130.

Finch had a word of warning for Circuit City shoppers looking for those last minute deals: “You better know what you are buying or else it’s going to be just junk to you.”

A Dayton Daily News reporter placed a phone call to the +!@#$creek store, 2720 Towne Drive, on Tuesday, and was greeted by a recording that announced, “We are currently closed.”

Consumers will also most likely get recorded prompts instead of a person, when calling Circuit City’s hotline, 1-800-the-city.

Contact this reporter at (937) 225-2414 or


Prepare Now for Spring Storm Season and Protect Your Electronics

Spring is coming ! Protect Your Electronics

Prepare Now for Spring Storm Season

I am always amazed to go into folks homes and find that they have 20 freakin’ vcrs,dvds, bigscreens and lamps all running into one outlet with various extension cords and outlet tripplers.

Most Radio Shacks and Best Buy store offer ” Insured” surge protectors. Not simple power strips, but guaranteed protection systems. You should not have to pay more than 30-40 bucks, but it is a reasonable investment for Bigscreens,TVs, surround sound, video games and computers that you may have paid 1500.00 or more for and enjoy everyday.

Trust me. Not only lightning damage, but when homes loose power, there is a surge when power is supplied back and this is a common point of failure because the surge is beyond what is recommended as a power source for your tv. Always unplug your electronics after power outages. They have standby power circuits that are always active the second you plug them in. That’s why remote controls work. They send a signal to an active circuit !!

The protectors you seek should have written on the front of the package, an insurance policy of at least 10K dollars and some go as high as 100K……Yes, your house could burn down by plugging and tripple plugging electronics into “ONE” outlet

Just more pertinent info from your alumni Craig……Peace…..and stop pluggin all that stuff into one outlet…Thats a Bad Thing to Do !!

If you have problems finding help in your area, feel free to contact me at and I will get you hooked up


Another Great Source for Bigscreen Info

Another Great Source for Bigscreen Info

CES Update

CES Update

I really have enjoyed reading info for this site. A lot of info on the state of display technology and what to look for from the retailers soon:

5 Reasons Why A DLP HDTV Should Be In Your Future

5 Reasons Why A DLP HDTV Should Be In Your Future

Television technology has been essentially static for several decades until just recently. The old CRT tube TVs reigned supreme for years simply because the broadcasting technology could not allow for anything better to come along. But HDTV has changed the whole TV viewing horizon, and there is no better time to make the switch from analog to HDTV. Here are five reasons why a HDTV DLP should be in your future soon:

  1. The FCC has passed a law that requires all TV stations to broadcast in digital format by the end of 2006, and that means that almost all broadcasting will be done in HDTV by sometime in 2007. After that, if you want to be able to receive over the air TV signals on your old analog TV set, you will need a digital to analog converter box to do that. So why not be ready for that change by getting the necessary equipment in place now as prices have fallen dramatically lately?
  2. HDTV not only means improved picture resolution, but it also makes use of the widescreen format that is more compatible with the way that movies are actually filmed, so you get to see the whole screen image instead of having some of it cut off by an incompatible screen ratio.
  3. HDTV also enhances the sound capabilities as it even supports Dolby 5.1 surround sound that is used by many movie theaters today. This makes true home theater sound easy to achieve.
  4. DLP TVs employ newer screen technology to be able to display much brighter, sharper, and color dense images than has ever been possible before. They run cool, use relatively little electricity, and can come in very large screen sizes if you wish.
  5. DLP TVs also are thin, making them a perfect choice for those with limited space. Because of their thin configuration they can be placed closer to the wall or even mounted right on it, allowing more viewing area in the room that would not have been possible with older bulky TVs.

All in all, HDTV and DLP TVs are a great choice for the ultimate in home television viewing. Don’t let this wave of the future in home entertainment pass you by!

Jim Johnson is a successful author and publisher on consumer related matters. You can find out more about the best dlp tv and dlp vs lcd by visiting our HDTV website.

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