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New Mac Mini and Friends

Just got my new Mac Mini !!

Whew !! Like a kid in the candy store and to boot my good friend Will is in from my home town of Dayton Ohio.  Setting up and learning iLife and imported pictures from the shop, customers home and views of Cleveland into iPhoto. Bri the Web Guy was with me when I bought the 799.00 version with dvd burner and faster processor.Brian showed me various techniques, but he types and teaches so fast, we’ll have to start recording his sessions.  He is a Mac God  ! Got pix for both and will start a weekly confession and awakening to our new Apple experience. TVSLEWIS has rang in from Cali and will be assisting on developing skills thru social networking and image and sound sharing.

Would love to hear your input on the subject matter and grow and empower each other on this amazing technology

Having friends to participate in the cause…………Priceless !

I did mention that I love Cleveland?

I did mention that I love Cleveland?

In case you haven’t heard. The right move is back to the City. The suburbs are already dead and most don’t know it. Stay or join the movement. Downtown Cleveland is where it’s at. We need you all to come back and thankfully, the wise ones are.

I was just reading Cool Cleveland and its involvement in the Ingenuity IV events and It reminded me of the warm breezy evening of June 8th. A very good friend drove up from my home town of Dayton Ohio and we travelled down to the flats to the Plain Dealer Pavilion.

It was both of our first time down and the venue was the ultimate eye and ear candy. The performance was the reunion tour of Return to Forever featuring Chick Corea, Stanley Clark, Al DiMeola and the Legendary Lenny White.Well they are all legends, but Lenny and Al really showed no aging in their abilities and that amazed me. It really did. It was their first time together in 25 years and it was a once in a life time experience.

But even more special was the Downtown backdrop of our Beautiful city. At the venue, which started in daylight, to the right, you could see old bridges and train tracks, the Federal Building and Condos vibrant with activity. To the left, more and different Warehouses and Condos, the waterfront and boats. But what was really special was to watch the backdrop change as the sunset evolved into twilight. The buildings, the water, the sky all changed in a harmonic mood of visual relaxation amd calm. It was better than any wine or drink could have inspired. Think of Anthony Bourdain in France or India ( old schoolers would probably choose weed or mushrooms, But… ) True Nirvana ….

My company actually repaired a plasma for the head architech of the Euclid Corridor. Cleveland is getting national attention for this project. And with fuel cost skyrocketing, this makes since. Public transportation for those utilizing and living in the city! Developers are gobbling up land between E55th and the Clinic and they are developing College Town in the CSU area. We also saw the beginings of the East Bank revitalization in the flats as we strolled down to Shooters that June day.
The developer of this site will be moving with his company Ernst and Young to the new East Bank developement along with more housing and a full service grocery store and hotel ( I think it is going to be green ). I’d love to see more windmills on the lake and my electric bill drop.

With the power of mass attendance, Safety was the furthest thing from my mind. Too much Love !

And this weekend the Dew Tour in the Harbor area. What a wonderful time to live in Cleveland. Yes we have some safety issues, but so does Twinsburg and Middleburg Hts and Parma Hts. We can live in fear and miss this wonderful renaissance or hide in fear and miss a whole lot more. I encourage all to live with hope. Keep the Faith and make a difference in someones life. Love and be loved in return.



Welcome to my World…

Welcome to my World…

My name is Craig. I have been involved with audio, video and computer technologies for Decades.

I was born and raised in Dayton Ohio, home of NCR, Wright Patt AFB, Lexis Nexus, SRL, UDRL and hundreds of other technology based companies. Dayton is Ohio’s Silicon Valley, but Cleveland is the BioMed Behemoth ! My next door neighbors were, to the left, an electrical engineer and to the right, a chemical engineer. Guess which one took my breath away ?

Mr. Joiner had built a television with plexiglass as the cabinet. At 9 years of age, I saw glowing orange TUBES !! Yes…Tubes…. He also had color coded and neatly aligned cable assemblies throughout the set. I took one look at this and I saw the end of the Rainbow (-:<<. I was hooked for life.

I countinued to experiment with taking speaker wires from old floor model tvs and running them into stereo systems. We were doing surround sound in 1972. In 1979 I recieved a 2 year degree in audio and video electronics while STILL in high school. The Montgomery County JVS was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only did I get a great education in fundamental electronics, but they prepared and started me to work in my senior year as an apprentice.

My first Engineer at P/H Electronics, Duja, was patient and taught me thoroughly well.

Out of 36 students, only 3 of us got jobs after graduation. Thank God I was one. I was commited to technology for this was a GM town and we were told that there was no future in the auto plants. I can’t believe that there is still an issue with employees as to what is happening in the auto industry. They warned us of this in the 1980s. After graduation, I began work in the Commercial and Professional side of AV and that work brought me to Cleveland,Ohio in 1984.

During that period, I was introduced to the love of my life, Cleveland Ohio ! It also propelled me into the realm of High End Video and Data/Graphics projection systems. 2 of my early products were Barco and Electrohome products. These Video,Data and Graphic projectoers were priced at 10-50,000.00 and were the first wave of what is now the High Definition Video Revolution.

I have seen the technologies evolve from the corporate, education, entertainment, government and now, to the consumer markets. We have seen it all and are proud to say ” We Are Battle Hardened ” when it comes to problem solving and solution seeking.

I initially started this site as a Web-Billboard, so to speak, to make our existence known to my client base here in Cleveland Ohio. We have become increasingly aware of the need to distribute our knowledge and experience to the global hits, that we recieve from around the world.

My mission, my passion, and the only thing I want to do at this point, is to help inform YOU !!

Those who have come to are my customers, my would be customers and now the global end user looking for information and links for knowledge to utilize and maximize the emerging technologies available to us………..What a Wonderous Time to Embrace and Utilize Technology. I never thought, back in the day of original PCs and Macs, that we would have been empowered to this extent.

I welcome all of your questions, criticisms, additions of tech knowledge and particapation.

I will make it my primary goal to answer questions, link to other support sites and offer great innovative products and support to all who participate.

Once again………Welcome to my World !!!!

Craig M. Siplin Owner/Creator
Cleveland Classic TV

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